January 21, 2005

New Books, Jan 21

Arab mass media : newspapers, radio, and television in Arab politics; by Rugh, William A.. publisher: Praeger, 2004. for more info.

Blink : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking; by Malcolm Gladwell. publisher: Little, Brown, 2005. for more info.

Do You Speak American?; by Robert MacNeil, William Cran. publisher: Doubleday, 2004. for more info.

Event-Related Potentials : A Methods Handbook (A Bradford Book); by Todd C. Handy (Editor). publisher: MIT, 2004. for more info.

On Intelligence; by Jeff Hawkins / Sandra Blakeslee. publisher: NY Times, 2004. for more info.

The Cognitive Neurosciences III : Third Edition; by Michael S. Gazzaniga (Editor). publisher: MIT, 2004. for more info.

The Great Brain Debate:Is It Nature or Nurture?; by John E. Dowling. publisher: National Academies Press, 2004. for more info.

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