February 18, 2005

Hampshire "trials" OpenURL with Google Scholar

Google Scholar now includes HC Links! Search in Google Scholar and click on "Hampshire Access" in results. You'll see if Hampshire has access to the journal online, or if it's available in the library. It only works from http://scholar.google.com/schhp?inst=hampshire.edu (or from within the Hampshire IP range). Note: if you're not at Hampshire, the SFX/HC Links won't work ...

Of course, since it's beta, there are some issues. Like incomplete metadata, so links don't always work. And it's still unclear exactly what the scope of Google Scholar is (what journals are included? subject areas? what kinds of content are included? journals? books? dissertations?). That said, PubMed links work pretty well.

And this is a good opportunity to check out their worldcatlibraries option -- click on "Library Search", enter your zip code, and see if the book is in a nearby library. Again, this is only as good as Google's metadata.

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