October 05, 2005

"Rama" & art

Australia's ABC Radio National program "All in the Mind" recently interviewed the "Marco Polo of Neuroscience", V.S Ramachandran. He talks a little about neuroscience and a lot about how humans perceive art.

When he was at Hampshire. "Rama" talked more about neuroscience and a little about art, so if you want to hear more of what he says about artistic universals. Hmmm. You can read the transcript or listen to an mp3 or podcast of the show. Despite his quirks, Ramachandran has fascinating things to say, and he explains complex neuroscience in bits that are (relatively) easy to understand.

Natasha Mitchell introduces Ramachandran by saying, "His adventurous book Phantoms in the Brain should be by your bed if you haven’t read it." I totally agree -- it's a great read.

PS, according to the ABC Radio National web site, Natasha is at MIT for a year on a fellowship.

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