November 05, 2005

Podcast updates

The New York Times is podcasting some of its select content. You know, the kind you have to pay for, but you really want to read, like Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich [coming soon], and Bob Herbert Bob Herbert's columns. I’m a Times News Tracker subscriber, so the podcasts work for me; your mileage may vary. They’re read by a “professional announcers”, not the columnists, so don’t expect to hear Maureen’s or Tom Friedman’s voice. But still, this is pretty cool.

In other podcasting news, both New Scientist and Nature are podcasting. Haven’t listened to either yet, but they look promising. New Scientist is running this as an experiment and will send you the podcast URL when you sign up to be notified. So far, neither is doing much with cognitive science, but I’m sure they will sooner or later.

And besides, life isn’t only cog sci, is it?!

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