November 17, 2006

Teens @ Your Library

Heard a great podcast of a SirsiDynix webinar on Engaging Youth on their Own Terms: Instant Messaging and Gaming in Libraries. The presenters were Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) and Aaron Schmidt ( They talked about how important it is to get teens into your library -- not because someday they'll be adult patrons but because we serve everyone in the library. (Remember Ranganathan's 2d law, "Every person his or her book" ?!)

They shared some useful examples of actual chat sessions they've had with teens -- reader's advisory becomes very important in chat, as does, well, chatting about nothing in particular.

Aaron in particular talked about having game nights in the library for teens -- we have knitting groups for the 50-somethings, so why not game night?

And how about Meebo ...

The collation tool segment is not to be missed, as is a useful set of library pix from flickr.

You can listen to the mp3 audio via iTunes, or watch the video (PC only, I think), or download the PowerPoint as a pdf. The PowerPoint is worthwhile for screen shots of cool technology implementations.

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