April 08, 2007

Science Blogs

Science Librarian pal Naka Ishii receommended a cog sci blog I hadn't known about, which leads me to post this short list of science blogs new to me, and maybe to you.

Naka points me to Mind Matters, a cognitive science blog by Scientific American. Here's what they say: "Sciam.com's 'seminar blog' on the sciences of mind and brain. Each week, top researchers in neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry explain and discuss the research driving their fields."

It looks really good, but I will have to print the articles out & read them offline. Apparently my brain can't process science online! The brain charts are great -- clear and easy to understand.

The New York Times has a relatively new blog called TierneyLab. They say: "John Tierney always wanted to be a scientist but went into journalism because its peer-review process was a great deal easier to sneak through. ... [H]e's using TierneyLab to check out new research and rethink conventional wisdom about science and society." He's covered topics like Saturn's hexagon and peregrine falcons. Not exclusively cog sci, like Mind Matters, but it does cover some interesting things. Also lists a nice blogroll of science blogs.

Finally, my science reporter heroine, Sharon Begley, is now writing for Newsweek rather than the Wall Street Journal, and she's blogging there, too. Called Lab Notes, the blog inclusive science, which is to say, not exclusively cognitive science, but that doesn’t make it bad. Since starting the blog last month, she's written about insomnia, hormones, and cancer therapy. Keep an eye on her column in Newsweek -- the April 9 issue has a good review about "messy reptilian brains" which I'll recap shortly.

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