September 11, 2007

Q&A NJ at the VMAs

Awesome video spotted by Stephen Francoeur & posted on his Digital Reference blog.

Apparently Q&A NJ, New Jersey's virtual reference service, purchased air time for a commercial on the MTV Video Music Awards, Sunday, September 9, 2007.

Awesome! That's *definitely* thinking outside the box. Yay, Q&A NJ!!


Maxine said...

Our stats are really low for QuestionPoint 24/7. I wonder if something like this would help. *I* like it, anyway.

Naka Ishii said...
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Naka Ishii said...

I wonder whether Q&A NJ's stats went up after that spot. Really good video - maybe we can steal the concept for our own purposes ... although as we are part of a consortium, it would be wise to run it by them first, I s'pose.