December 05, 2007

Images Online

I saw two great lists of free online images, both published in November. Thought I'd blog them here so I don't forget them ...
Check out both the text of the blog posts as well as the comments.

My three favorite sites for images for PowerPoint presentations are ...
  • Google images
  • Flickr (there are some great shots here which nicely illustrate various points about reference that I like to make; see all images tagged library)
  • stock.xchng "free stock photography." What I like about these is that you can enter a term like "change" and find relevant results. Ain't tagging grand?!

1 comment:

Judy O'Connell said...

Hi Stephanie, I agree, tagging IS grand!! I'm just a little perplexed that you are promoting Google images as a primary point to search for images - I guess some of the solutions we promote downunder are to maximise tagging and Creative Commons searching as a way of honouring intellectual property and copyright. Google has great stuff, but a lot of time is wasted rejecting images that are not free to use. While there is an argument that it is ok for educational use etc. isn't it also about changing to Creative Commons and 21C ways of managing ownership and sharing appropriately? Thank you for referring to my post - it's great to 'meet' people from across the globe :-)