February 10, 2008

Beyond Belief

Here's a terrific conference I wish I could have attended:

The ScienceNetwork's sequel to the 2006 Beyond Belief conference, the 2007 Beyond Belief: Enlightenment 2.0 was designed "to undertake together an ongoing reconnaissance of Enlightenment ideas in the light of advances in primarily cognitive neurosciences, evolutionary biology, physics etc. though not by any means scanting history, philosophy, law." Heady stuff!

You can watch videos of the presentations online; these links take you directly to the following speakers' presentations:

and many more! Read brief bios about the speakers and check out the ScienceNetwork's recommended reading list based on the conference theme.

( ... I wish podcasts were available, but a DVD is supposed to be available soon ...)

Thanks to Salman's Science & Religion blog for the link!

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