June 07, 2008

Presentation on Marketing the Library

I'm just finishing up my attendance at NASIG 2008 (that's the North American Serials Interest Group) on the collaboration between vendors and libraries to market (or promote, if you prefer a softer touch) library databases to patrons.

We broke the session into three groups: Brie Betz, Account Development Manager at Elsevier spoke about the program from the vendor's perspective, and how it's been a great success at the University of Connecticut and other places at increasing usage. I spoke about managing the program from the librarian's perspective and Deb Barberi, one of my GSLIS students and Student Ambassador for the 2007-2008 academic year, talked about teaching the program and working with the UConn graduate students.

The conference folks have created a NetVibes page (Add to Netvibes) for the conference - they're pulling in Flickr photos, blog posts, and other material tagged with nasig2008. Check out all the activity, and see if you can find the photo of me at David Lee King's presentation on Emerging Trends & Web 2.0 on Flickr, or on David's blog.

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