December 21, 2008

Favorite Songs 2008

One of my usual end-of-year projects is to create a CD of my favorite songs which came out in the past year.  This year, thanks to cool technology, I was able to upload mp3s of the songs to and I can share them with you all!

Here's the full song list, in order on the CD:

  1. Post It 4:02 The Aluminum Group Little Happyness
  2. Horizon 4:23 Ashby The Best of Marina Records
  3. Birthday 3:30 The Bird And The Bee One Too Many Hearts
  4. The Motorbike Song 4:23 Justin Jude 
  5. Beautiful Eyes 3:54 The Aluminum Group Little Happyness
  6. El Fusilado 2:32 Chumbawamba The Boy Bands Have Won
  7. Far Away 3:50 The Hampdens The Last Party
  8. Librarian 4:16 My Morning Jacket Evil Urges
  9. Je Suis Un Parisien 3:41 Jean-paul Elysee Pourtant
  10. Oxford Comma 3:16 Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
  11. Quotidien 2:57 Sandrine Kiberlain Putumayo Presents Acoustic France
  12. Walcott 3:42 Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
  13. Unstoppable 3:33 Santogold Santogold
  14. This Is The Life 3:05 Amy Macdonald This Is The Life
  15. How Am I To Be 3:05 The Watson Twins Fire Songs
  16. All This Beauty 3:20 The Weepies Hideaway
  17. You Don’t Love Me Yet 3:52 Winterpills Central Chambers
  18. Add Me 3:28 Chumbawamba The Boy Bands Have Won
  19. Secret Blue Thread 4:23 Winterpills Central Chambers
  20. One Fine Day 4:55 David Byrne & Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
  21. Lovely Day 3:26 The Aluminum Group Little Happyness

  • Due to licensing restrictions, I could only include 2 songs by each artist.  I'd only chosen 2 Winterpills songs, so they were safe, but I had to deselect something from the Aluminum Group; you can see their Beautiful Eyes video below.
  • I can only listen to 30-second clips from each song in my mix -- hope they sound ok to you!
  • If you like any of these songs or artists, please consider buying their CD!

1 comment:

Hillary said...

Very cool -- thanks, Stephanie! I will be sure to listen. Also thanks for the site recommendation; I hadn't use 8tracks before. Happy holidays!