May 06, 2009

Oooh! I'm a Shover! and a Maker!

Shovers and Makers 2009: I’m a winner! (So are you.)
I just got word that I was awarded the prestigious Shover & Maker award, sponsored by the good library people at the Library Society of the World. I'm in great company, as over 140 librarians have won the award in 2009.

People I know in person:
People I'd like to know ... there are too many to mention! Browse the list of winners, and then ... nominate yourself! The May 15 deadline is fast approaching, so hop on over to the S&M web site to appoint yourself a Shover and Maker.

1 comment:

Stephen Francoeur said...

I'm honored to be counted among your online friends. Way to go (and keep up the good work that earned you this infrequently awarded honor).