February 06, 2012

My Library Life, Last Week

Once again, I participated in #libday8, a semi-annual event coordinated by Bobbi Newman of Librarian by Day. Twice a year librarians, library staff & library students share a day (or week) in their life through Twitter & other social media tools.

I like to do this for a few reasons. First, I find it fun to chunk my work into 140-character segments -- and amusing to see how much time I spend on the same projects.  By the end of the week, I was tweeting less because the tweets would have read "still working on that LAUNC-CH project" or "still slogging through the 10,000 volume reclassification project."  In fact, I did tweet "still preparing for class" -- but at least in that case, I was preparing for different classes.

My ulterior motive is to show folks, my students and colleagues mostly, what all we librarians do.  Everyone associates librarians and libraries with books, when in fact, most of us do so much more than just deal with books.  The fact that we do more is illustrated, 140 characters at a time, over several days, twice a year, and I think that's good public relations for all librarians & libraries.

I also enjoy the camaraderie of tweeting along with other librarians about their day -- it helps lessen the isolation of dealing with yet another missing book, or corralling another "cheeky journal" (tm @wigglesweets). Plus it's fun to see what other kinds of librarians do, like public librarians and children's librarians.

Thanks to Bobbi & everyone who participated. I had fun!

You can see what I was up to last week by reading these tweets: 

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