November 12, 2012

Free TV News Online!

The Internet Archive has Launched "TV News Search & Borrow" with 375,000 Broadcasts, which they blogged about back in September.

From the blog post: "375,000 news programs collected over 3 years from national U.S. networks and stations in San Francisco and Washington D.C.  The archive is updated with new broadcasts 24 hours after they are aired.  Older materials are also being added."  

A search for "librarians" on TV News on 11/02/12.
My review of the site indicates that all the major U.S. networks are included, as are several Spanish networks (Telemundo and Univision). CSPAN and Comedy Central are there too. (you can see Jon Stewart from 2009-yesterday!)

Access it directly at or from the Park Library's TV News page.

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