March 10, 2005

BrainBoost: Very cool natural language search engine

BrainBoost is a new natural language search engine that seems to work pretty well. You can browse answers to questions like "What is a Calorie" (in the Nutrition category) and "How Much Profit Did Google Have in 2004" (in the Business category) and you can also ask your own. My research indicats that it properly identified Amherst as one place where Uma Thurman lived while growing up. And it provided lots of sites explaining why cats purr, including many which suggest that cats purr in part to help their bones and muscles grow strong.

For the computer scientists among you, "Brainboost uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques to go the extra mile, by actually answering questions, in plain English."

The logo's great, too. (Thanks to Tara Calishain's ResearchBuzz for this cool time-waster)

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kate said...

This is great, thanks! I've been trying to trick it with questions I've been getting on the desk, but it's too smart for that.