March 23, 2005

More new books!

Animal: Definitive visual guide to the world's wildlife; by editors-in-chief, David Burnie & Don E. Wilson. publisher: Smithsonian / DK, 2001. for more info.

Children's learning from educational television : Sesame Street and beyond; by Shalom M. Fisch. publisher: Erlbaum, 2004. for more info.

Cognitive Science : A Philosophical Introduction; by Rom Harre . publisher: Sage, 2002. for more info.

Introduction to machine learning; by Alpaydin, Ethem. publisher: MIT, 2004. for more info.

The act of thinking; by Derek Melser. publisher: MIT, 2004. for more info.

The cradle of thought : exploring the origins of thinking; by Peter Hobson. publisher: Oxford, 2004. for more info.

The nature of play : great apes and humans; by edited by Anthony D. Pellegrini, Peter K. Smith. publisher: Guilford Press, 2005. for more info.

The origin of mind : evolution of brain, cognition, and general intelligence; by David C. Geary . publisher: APA, 2005. for more info.

There's something about Mary : essays on Phenomenal consciousness and Frank Jackson's knowledge argument ; by edited by Peter Ludlow, Yujin Nagasawa and Daniel Stoljar . publisher: MIT, 2004. for more info.

Three Dimensions of Learning: Contemporary Learning Theory in the Tension Field Between the Cognitive, the Emotional and the Social; by Knud Illeris. publisher: Krieger Pub. Co. , 2004. for more info.

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