May 11, 2005

More New Books!

Applied linguistics as social science; by Alison Sealey and Bob Carter. publisher: Continuum, 2004. for more info.

Bilingual children's language and literacy development; by edited by R. Barnard and T. Glynn. publisher: Multilingual Matters, 2003. for more info.

Exploring Animal Behavior in Laboratory and Field: An Hypothesis-testing Approach to the Development, Causation, Function, and Evolution of Animal Behavior; by Bonnie J. Ploger, Ken Yasukawa. publisher: Academic, 2002. for more info.

How dogs think : understanding the canine mind; by Stanley Coren. publisher: Free Press, 2004. for more info.

If dogs could talk : exploring the canine mind; by Vilmos Csanyi ; translated by Richard E. Quandt. publisher: North Point Press, 2005. for more info.

Library in a book : power of the news media; by Harry Henderson. publisher: Facts on File, 2004. for more info.

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