December 06, 2005

New Books at UConn

The Evolution of Intelligence, subtitled “Are Humans the Only Animals with Minds?” by James Fetzer (University of Minnesota, Duluth), published by Open Court, c2005. Amazon says the publisher says “Through a fascinating exploration of the mental abilities of species ranging from bacteria to mountain gorillas, noted science philosopher James Fetzer … offers an important new theory of intelligence - one grounded in evolutionary theory and by which machines can be ‘intelligent’ without possessing minds.”

Looks like a big review article on animal intelligence and philosophy. Fetzer has also written extensively on “assassination science” .

Another big review article is Making Sense of Secondary Science: Research into Children’s Ideas by Rosalind Driver, Ann Squires, et al (published by RoutledgeFalmer c1994). It reviews studies done about what secondary school students think about the natural world. Findings are divided into three main sections: life and living processes; materials and their properties; and physical processes. Looks like a good way for high school science teachers to figure out how their students think about science; would also be good for college professors who teach students to be science teachers …

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