July 15, 2006

Promoting Libraries Locally?

So I was at a soccer game the other night (s), and across the field, I saw a large advertisement / poster for "Ludlow Community" ... Immediately my thoughts turned to the library, but I kept reading, and reread "Ludlow Community Market."

This got my brain whirling: what if libraries advertised at soccer & other local games?

"Ludlow Public Library" in large letters, followed by http://www.hubbardlibrary.org/. Sweet!

And later, I heard on the PA system, "Follow the Pioneers on WKRAP radio" and "Watch highlights of the game on WONK tv".

What about this, too: "Read about soccer at the library."

And you know how when you go see local theater, music, etc. the playbills are full of ads for local businesses? How about if they could give some discounted or "public service announcement" space to the local library?


In related news, I have started a blog explaining to my non-library friends how to use the local library system. I'll post infrequently, but I hope it helps people use our great resources more effectively. Let me know (here, not there) if you want to play along.

Check it out at Libraries for My Friends.


Anonymous said...

information technology both attracts and repels potential public library users, and that there seem not to be conspicuous online interfaces, in the form of weblogs or forums or other websites, between librarians and actual or potential library users.

Hillary said...

CogSci Librarian --

I just want to say: "YOU ROCK!" I love the idea of advertising at community events like soccer games -- when I'm a director.... Love the libraries4friends thing, too! Hope you are well!!