July 19, 2006

SirsiDynix Institutes are Podcasting!

Check out SirsiDynix's podcasts! I've posted about their Instutites before -- they cover topics like wikis for librarians, customer service, and the one I saw, on electronic resource managers. They feature well-known names in library-land talking about hot technologies, services, and products in library-land.

They're free and very professional.

My only beef with them has been that the Institutes (live webinars) play only with PCs. So I either had to watch them live, which I did once, or try to catch them some other time while I'm at work and have access to my PeeCee.

But now! They're available as podcasts! Yippee!

Podcasted topics include a discussion of The OCLC Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources Report; a 2-part series called Beginner's Guide to Podcasting; and Steven M. Cook on The Center of it All: How Libraries Can Be in the Forefront of Building Active Communities.

Haven't heard one yet, but they are available for subscription in iTunes. I couldn’t find tem when I searched SirsiDynix in the ITMS (iTunes Music Store), but I was able to connect directly from the Sirsi web site. This itunes graphic link should work, too, but ymmv.

(also found some podcasts from the recent Special Libraries Association conference.)

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