September 04, 2006

Snakes on the Brain

Great editorial by UC Davis anthropologist Lynne Isbell in yesterday's New York Times about snakes and the evolution of vision in primates.

Isbell argues that "[n]ew anthropological evidence suggests that snakes, as predators, may have figured prominently in the evolution of primate vision — the ability, shared by humans, apes and monkeys, to see the world in crisp, three-dimensional living color." She offers this further proof: "The hypothesis draws further support from what we know about the evolution of raptors: Eagles that specialize in eating snakes have larger eyes — resulting in greater visual acuity — than eagles that don’t."

September 3, 2006
Opinion: Snakes on the Brain
There's a deep connection between snakes and primates, one that may have shaped who we are — and how we see — today.

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