September 11, 2006

Watching Thoughts ...

(Credit: Stefan Posse, University of New Mexico)

Technology Review has an interesting article called Watching a Single Thought Form in the Brain in which researchers at the University of New Mexico show that when "a volunteer thinks of a word, researchers detect brain activity in Broca's area (yellow arrow), a part of the brain involved in language."

Sort of mind-reading, but not quite. Still if this fMRI technique evolves, it could be used for clinical diagnoses and to help researchers understand how we learn.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Watching a Single Thought Form in the BrainNew techniques to capture single thought processes open up new possibilities for neuro-imaging.
Technology Review
by Emily Singer

see original research at
Reproducibility of activation in Broca's area during covert generation of single words at high field: A single trial FMRI study at 4 T.
NeuroImage, Volume 32, Issue 1, 1 August 2006, Pages 129-137
Andrew R. Mayer, Jing Xu, Juliana Paré-Blagoev and Stefan Posse

(thanks to Ross Buck for the link)

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