January 07, 2007

Welcome Darnarian

We couldn't stay a one-cat house for long, so last week, we adopted Darnarian McCats. (no relation to, but name inspired by, the Eagles' wide receiver Darnerien McCants).

We think he's mighty cute, if a wee bit stinky.

I've been reading Linda P. Case's textbook the Cat: its behavior, nutrition & health which has *lovely* illustrations of various cat behaviors. It's introductory level an is a useful primer on aspects of cat behavior -- and there is a handy (current) bibliography and list of references.

I also recommend Stephen Budiansky's The character of cats : the origins, intelligence, behavior, and stratagems of Felis silvestris catus.

But back to Darnarian. Favorite food? Any. Favorite beverage? Water. Favorite water source? Toss up between the toilet and the tub. Favorite activity? Galloping. Favorite game? mousie soccer. Age? roughly 12 months, give or take.

(eta: photo of sister Emma, who is not included anywhere in this blog. apologies & crunchies to her for the oversight)


Rachel said...

He's quite cute, and he looks like he has a soft coat. What does your other cat think of him?

CogSci Librarian said...

Emma hisses a lot, but since she loves to hiss, no one takes that too seriously.

She is definitely interested and will eventually play with him, I'm sure.

City Mouse said...

He's cuuuuute! Darnarian fits perfectly in his kitty pillow. May you have many happy years together.

crowsnest said...

He's quite handsome! I really like his white, gray, and black fur variations. Definitely a kitty to love.

Maxine said...

Emma does not look best pleased in her picture. Is she sizing Darnarian up for a high-altitude pounce?

PAT&EM said...

He is too cute. We love his coloring!