March 28, 2007

Veterinary Audiology

Some interesting research going on at UConn: "A UConn hearing expert has adapted human audiology technology to dogs and opened what may be the only site in the United States that offers hearing loss testing for canines."

Read more about this fascinating work in the UConn Advance.

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bernard champa said...

I have just taken posession of my daughter's 14 year old MALE POODEL . hE SEEMS TO HAVE A HEARING DEFECT. i EXAMINED HIS EARS AND THEY ARE FULL OF DARK 'STUFF" i TOOK HIM TO THE VET FOR T/X TODAY IN sOUTH BOSTON vA. She plans to remove the wax build up and said he has some tumors in his ears that may need a referral to the vet school in Raleigh n.c. for T/R. I will know more after i pick him up today. She plans to put him under and also clean his teeth and remove a tumor from the base of his tail. Appreciate your comments on what the future may hold for this nice boy.