March 26, 2007

Yahoo's Personalized Shortcuts

Great InfoTip from Mary Ellen Bates about Yahoo's search shortcuts.

Not only can you use shortcuts like weather baltimore (if, say, you're going to Baltimore for ACRL this weekend) to see the weather forecast for Baltimore or traffic hartford -- and check out Yahoo's List of Shortcuts), but you can create your own.

Mary Ellen tells us a few she's got, like !wiki, which is sort of like Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky", wherein !wiki evolution takes you to the Wikipedia page on evolution, without passing Go!, and without looking at a bunch of results on Yahoo!. The redirect is so fast I can't even grab the yahoo URL to show you -- you'll have to try it yourself at Yahoo's search page.

She says it's simple to create your own, following Yahoo's instructions. Check out Mary Ellen's Librarian of Fortune blog, too.

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