May 29, 2007

LJ Teaching Award

In advance of my upcoming article in Library Journal on teaching LIS as an adjunct (woo! look for it in the June 15 issue), comes this exciting announcement:

"The LJ Teaching Award, sponsored by ProQuest, recognizes excellence in educating the next generation of librarians. This annual award, now in its first year, honors the winning LIS teacher with an article in Library Journal in the Nov. 15 issue of the magazine, a $5000 prize, and a cocktail reception at ALA-Midwinter."

read more: Library Journal.

My editor asked that I help publicize this, given the topic of my article. Another kudos for ProQuest for helping to acknowledge good teaching in library & information science!


kate said...

yay for your article! now we just have to figure out how to get you a cocktail reception. I am ineligible to nominate you since i am a lowly public librarian who has never actually taken a class from you. gslis westers? anyone?

Maxine said...

Congratulations, Stephanie! I look forward to the article, and walking around UMass with a smug smile, saying "I KNOW her. I took her class."
"Lowly public Librarian"??!!! Kate, Kate, Kate. First of all, no librarian is lowly, and second, especially not public librarians. I am sorry that you never took a class from Stephanie, though.
Now let's get moving on that nomination thingy.

Hillary said...

You will so be nominated....can't wait to read the article. Hi, Kate and Maxine!!