May 20, 2007

Public Library Marketing Toolkit

ProQuest & CSA have come out with a terrific public library marketing toolkit that could benefit ALL libraries.

It includes some great material that savvy librarians can use to publicize their offerings, and not just those from ProQuest / CSA (tho' vendor-specific material is listed too):

* How-to guide on Marketing Your Library's Online Resources (pdf)
* Customizable library patron brochure (pdf)
* Sample database descriptions that speak "patron" rather than library language (pdf)
* Getting Started — a digital "ad" that can be downloaded to the library's homepage (flash).

and, really in the marketing zone, press releases to announce new databases:
* Ancestry Library Edition (including ready-made quotes by the library director & patrons!) (word)
* Black Studies Center (word)

but wait! there's more!
* African-American Genealogy Resources Bookmark (pdf)
* A nifty Genealogy Poster (pdf)

What's great about these is that they are written in "patron" rather than mls-librarian lingo, and most of them are customizable for your library. Yay, ProQuest / CSA!

Read More
Rogers, Michael. ProQuest CSA Free Marketing Kit.
Library Journal, 4/1/2007, Vol. 132 Issue 6, p23-24.

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Hillary said...

Thanks, Stephanie. Some of these won't work where I'm at, but I love that Proquest CSA is offering this stuff. I've tagged this site for future use -- especially the genealogy posters and material.