October 25, 2007

A Bit of Unscientific (Library) Research

I'm taking a very informal, unscientific poll for the Simmons Continuing Ed. class I'm teaching next week:

Is your library making "open access" journals available to your patrons? These are things like articles in the Directory of Open Access Journals, Public Library of Sciencee journals, and other "miscellaneous free e-journals" (tm SFX)? If so, how?

Email me, comment, or otherwise let me know what you're doing in your library.



Maxine said...

UMass lists DOAJ in the list of databases, and the PLoS titles in e-journals. There is a group in the e-journal list called “Miscellaneous Ejournals” but it doesn’t say “free.”

Grant said...

What Maxine didn't say is that UMass also hosts open journals in ScholarWorks.

Boyden Library at Deerfield Academy includes DOAJ in their Serials Solutions periodicals list. When I get ERM tools up and running, I plan to include DOAJ and OAISTER.