October 12, 2007

Oliver Sacks Now

["... Now" is a short post of cog sci topics in the news]

Oliver Sacks is plugging his new book, Musicophilia : Tales of Music and the Brain (New York : Knopf, 2007), and you can follow along:

* He had an article in the Sept. 24 issue of The New Yorker A Neurologist’s Notebook: The Abyss (subtitle: music & amnesia).

* He was briefly interviewed in the October issue of Wired, with expanded coverage online: Oliver Sacks on Earworms, Stevie Wonder and the View From Mescaline Mountain.

* And while this isn’t recent, Jaime Diskin blogs about an interview in which Oliver Sacks talks about musicophilia. Diskin says: "In January, 2006, everyone's favourite Brain doctor, Oliver Sacks spoke with the New Yorker staff writer Larissa MacFarquhar in a series hosted by the Columbia University Arts Initiative. One of the subjects he talked about was the brain's reaction to music and in particular, the strange phenomenon of musicphilia." (and check out the rest of Jaime Diskin’s blog as there is some cool multimedia / neuroscience stuff).

edited to add
* On Nov. 1, Oliver Sacks was interviewed on WHYY's Radio Times: "In his new book, Musicophilia, neurologist OLIVER SACKS examines the powers of music through the individual experiences of patients, musicians, and everyday people." Listen to the show via RealAudio or download in iTunes (usually available only for a limited time)

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