January 07, 2013

Engaging Students with Social Media, #TagAcad preso at #scio13

I'm so excited to be facilitating a conversation at ScienceOnline 13 called #Hashtags in the Academy: Engaging Students with Social Media with Lali DeRosier.

We want to talk with attendees -- as well as others around the interwebs -- about the role of social media in the high school and undergraduate classroom. 

Is it possible to engage students with Web 2.0 tools in ways that meaningfully support learning?  We will moderate a conversation about what’s worked and what hasn’t with social media in the classroom. 

Because it's ScienceOnline, we want the session to be reflective of the audience's interest / experiences, so Lali and I are going to be tweeting some questions to get the conversation started.

The questions are below ... Lali will tweet & Storify the first few questions, and I'll tweet & Storify the last few. Feel free to comment here or to reply to one of the upcoming tweets.

Librarians, I'm also interested in how y'all use social media to engage with your students, whether in a specific class or your discipline or your library as a whole. Comments from other non-teaching academics also welcome!

If you do comment, please use the hashtags #scio13 #TagAcad so Lali and I can track your comments.

  • Do you use social media to engage with your students?
  • What was your biggest social media success in the classroom? Failure?
  • To what extent should social media be embedded in curriculum? Or used to supplement the curriculum?
  • Are some social media tools more academic than others?
  • How can we help students navigate their personal vs. academic / professional personas?
  • How important is social media to our students’ future? As they consider jobs and/or graduate school?
  • How does social media advance the content of the courses?
  • Does social media improve the efficiency of communication?
  • If you aren’t using social media to teach, what would make you start? 
Thanks for your feedback!

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