January 02, 2013

Librarians at ScienceOnline #scio13

Librarians like to organize information, such as our books (WorldCat is a prime example -- it's a catalog of over 10,000 U.S. and international libraries' holdings), photographs (see the Library of Congress' Tissandier Collection of 1,000 items documenting the early history of aeronautics), articles (medicine's PubMed database; education's ERIC database)... including ourselves.

We also like to go to conferences outside our own discipline, including the science / communicator conference ScienceOnline. See my post from last January "Non-Librarian Conferences, #Scio12, and #AEJMC." Fellow librarian and conference-goer John Dupuis prompted my post with his post Science Online 2012: Library and librarian sessions. He's been an amazing collector of librarians at past ScienceOnline conferences ... and this year, I'm going to try to collect #scio13 librarians in this post. I'm sad that this year's list doesn't include John (or Joe or Christina or Bonnie), but I am glad to see so many of my librarian fellows will be represented!

From this list of amazing people going to #scio13, I've picked out librarians & library-types (in alphabetical order by last name, starting with me):
The list includes a lot of scientists, writers, communicators, and even a science comedian

'Tis the season ... to be excited about ScienceOnline! 


Bonnie J. M. Swoger said...

I'm very sorry to be missing this year's conference! Have fun, and hopefully I'll see you next year.

CogSci Librarian said...

At least one library is hosting a remote ScienceOnline watch party! Robert @mcdonald tweeted about a watch party at the Indiana University Bloomington campus, co-hosted by the IU Libraries and the Data to Insight Center at IU! http://www.libraries.iub.edu/index.php?pageId=530000194