July 16, 2005

Did God Do It?

Two recent articles about intelligent design have got me thinking that maybe God did do it... No, not really. But they provide interesting perspectives on the debate between the intelligent design-ists and the evolutionists.

The July 2, 2005 issue of New Scientist is devoted to the issue of Creationism. It's worth looking at the print copy, because there is a great chart depicting where controversy has erupted in the US. Also because you can't read the articles for free online. But if you want to take a look at the titles & abstracts, see this lead article called "Creationism special: A sceptic's guide to intelligent design."

And in its May 30 issue, the New Yorker (yes, the New Yorker) ran an article in their Annals of Science department called "MASTER PLANNED / Why intelligent design isn’t," by H. ALLEN ORR.

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