July 07, 2005

Happenin' Technology

Interested in new technology and its application? LITA (ALA's Library and Information Technology Association group) blogged its way throug the ALA Annual Meeting. Their blog is at http://litablog.org/ , where you can read what people think about hot technology and its application in libraries.

Roy Tennant, library guru of technology & user services, posted a nice summary of (some) topics to his Current Cites list. This is what he says:

LITA's new weblog has blasted off in a big way with extensive coverage of the American Library Association's recent annual conference. ... Here are some sample postings from the 80+ postings that currently available: "Eric Lease Morgan's Top Technology Trends, 2005"; "Giving Them 'Google-Like' Searching"; "Greenstone Digital Libraries: Installation to Production"; "Karen's Uber-Trend"; "Leo Klein's Top Technology Trends"; "LITA President's Program (Take Dos)"; "Marshall Breeding's Top Technology Trends"; "Radio Frequency Identification Technology in Libraries: Meeting with the RFID Experts"; "Tennant's Top Tech Trend Tidbit"; "Thomas Dowling's Non-Trends from the Trailing Edge"; and "Using Usage Data."

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