July 27, 2005

Readng More or Less?

Fascinating podcast (!) about reading in the age of the Internet. On his "Open Source Radio" show, Christopher Lydon asks his "literary blogger" guests (and the audience) if they are reading more or less since the advent of the Internet ~10 years ago. And: "is the novel on the decline?" Hmmm. My first thought was "I'm reading about the same"; upon reflection I realized that I'm reading the same amount of novels, but I'm reading way more non-fiction, most of it online.

Listen to Literature 2.0 online.

You may remember Mr. Lydon as former host of WBUR's the Connection; nice to hear him back on the air again. His "Open Source Radio" show broadcasts out of WGBH in Boston and can be heard on a handful of stations on the radio; it can also be heard online daily at 7 pm, and via podcast.

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