August 04, 2005

Going to UConn

Dear faithful readers,

The CogSci Librarian may be no longer. I've left Hampshire to take a job at the University of Connecticut / Storrs. I'm not going to be affiliated with any aspect of cognitive science, at least not academically. :-(

I will be working with lots of electronic databases (yay) and some really great librarians. I have been working with some wonderful folks, both in the library and in the School of Cognitive Science at Hampshire, and I'll miss them.

The question remaining is: should I continue the blog?

hmmm. Stick around and find out.


kate said...

w00t! congratulations (and welcome aboard, i suppose- i'm a part timer at the ref desk at UConn Stamford these days.) Don't forget to try the excellent dairy bar at the farm.

walt said...

I wouldn't begin to suggest whether you should keep the blog--but you'll want to check out the September Cites & Insights (which won't be out for a couple of weeks yet).

You're mentioned there as part of "a top 50 librarian weblogs" (not the top 50), an informal investigation of the "state of the biblioblogosphere," where my metric for "Reach" put you in the top 50 of 230 library weblogs (excluding large group efforts and those maintained by libraries rather than librarians)--and put you as #1 for two specific metrics. Any guess as to which two? (Wait for the issue, or send me email -- name wcc, domain