August 14, 2005

If you liked the book, you'll love the blog!

Mind Hacks, that is. Great fun for a hot afternoon! Sample articles include:

  • Using "trippy neuroscience videos" to test "synaptic neurotransmission - the process by which chemical signals are passed between neurons." Learn about the Multimedia Neuroscience Education Project at Williams College.

  • Read about an article in the Economist about why we laugh. Is it emotions? Is it socializing? Are you scared of being laughed at?

  • Find out about a journal for synaesthetes called Syn. Created by a British graphic design student, the journal includes articles entitled "theresa tastes words", "happiness is blue" and "color of orange". It's a nifty introduction to synaesthesia (people who hear color, see sounds, etc.)

  • Thanks to Rochelle's Tinfoil + Racoon for the tip.

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