August 06, 2005

Podcasts Rock

Well, I am a complete convert to the joys of (listening to) podcasts. Now that they're in iTunes and easy enough for a person's father to use, I am finally using them. (And there will be lots of commuting time in my future during which I can listen to my collection).

There are some great science podcasts, which will help me keep up with cog sci in my new life. On July 2, 2005, Science Friday spoke with Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel about memory, learning, and the human brain. Less about the human brain, really, and a bit more about slug brains, but Dr. Kandel made it interesting. You can stream the show here, or search iTunes for Science Friday and then look for July 2.

In non-CS related podcasts, I love Slate Magazine's podcast. Andy Bowers (former correspondent for NPR) reads a story a day from Slate online. Nice to hear his voice again, and very interesting to hear some random Slate articles.

Oh, and just one more -- haven't listened to this yet, but I will real soon: WordNerds! The most recent 'cast covers collective nouns for ~40 minutes. A linguist's delight!

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Anonymous said...

I want Hampshire to have podcasts!