April 03, 2006

HigherEd BlogCon — Libraries, Technology, & More

HigherEd BlogCon joins SirsiDynix’s Institute Web Seminars in offering free online seminars about hot tech topics. The HigherEd BlogCon web site says it is “a fully web-
based event
focused on how new online communications technologies and social tools are changing Higher Education. Except as noted, presentations are offered free of charge,” sponsored by Thomson Peterson’s, Case, and a few other organizations.

This week, they’re offering several sessions on podcasting, blogging, and curriculum development. Next week’s sessions focus on libraries; the week after, they’re on admissions, alumni relations, and marketing; and the last week in April they’ll look at web sites & web development

Blogs & some podcasts will be available. Some events require a fee, but some are free.

Thanks to Carolyn for posting this to the ACRL/NE mailing list!

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Matt said...

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