April 09, 2006

National Poetry Month

Coupla cool podcasts in honor of National Poetry Month:

  • PoetCast, from the Academy of American Poets. So far, there are a few poetry readings, and some poets talk about poems by others.

  • Knopf has expanded its Poem A Day project for this year's National Poetry Month: they're podcasting poems! They're also offering the more traditional poem which you can read online.

  • The Writer's Almanac is podcasting! Listen to Garrison Keillor provide literary & historical notes about the day, and hear him read a poem. Every day!

Ok, that's three podcasts. Poetic license, anyone?

(this is for Sydney ...)

1 comment:

Emily Alling said...

eerie...i was just posting some poetry for scientists myself!

nice poetry podcasts!

april is national everything month, isn't it? (libraries, poetry, math awareness...). plus, the cruelest month, per one of our more famous poets....