April 28, 2006

Library Promotion & Podcasts

Have you heard UC Santa Cruz' Synergy Lecture Podcasts? Subtitled "Explorations in Science and Society", the "series ... focus[es] on UCSC research, as well as teaching and grants in science and engineering with a view towards their impact on society."

Past lectures have included "Red Tides, Shellfish, and Cultural Dietary Traditions," "Great Earthquakes and Tsunamis: How, Why, and Where?" and "Wiring the nervous system from tip to toe: how do neurons go to and fro?". The upcoming lecture (May 2) is called "Deep Down Beauty: Particle Physics, Mathematics, and the World Around Us." Mp3 files can be downloaded from the site or syndicated via iTunes.

What's so interesting about these is that they are sponsored by the UC Santa Cruz Science & Engineering Library — a wonderful way for the library to get out there both on campus & on the World Wide Web. Promoting their faculty, their institution, and the library, all at the same time.


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