October 27, 2006

Clear Message, at thetruth

Have you seen the commercial with the Singing Cowboy without a tongue?

It's sponsored by thetruth.com. About the ad, they say "There are over 8.5 million Americans living with tobacco-related illnesses. With this in mind we saddled up a horse, found a cowboy with a hole in his neck as a result of smoking, and asked him to sing a little ditty." The song is called "you don't always die from tobacco" (and I still hear the chorus in my head).

Its relevance to the CogSciLibrarian? It's one of the CLEAREST mass market messages I've ever seen.

We need to make library messages that clear (tho' fortunately ours aren't so dire).

Check out the site -- click on the TV link to see the Singing Cowboy ad.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just saw this commercial today for the first time.
It was impressive, that cowboy was able to sing an entire song with only one note!
It is so sad, because he must have loved to sing before he got cancer.
The scared looks on the faces of the people watching him singing was priceless and if you still smoke after seeing this commercial. . . .