October 01, 2006

Splogs = bad news

An article in the September issue of Wired: Spam + Blogs =Trouble answers the question "why do I have to type 'zvtmzu' to post a comment on your blog?!"

Because of splogs & link farms. Blech.

Jon Gordon on Future Tense interviewed Charles C. Mann, the author of the Wired article. Listen to the podcast or read the article (or both) to find out about this creepy world of creating faux blogs & links to generate advertising revenue.

Interesting side note: I read this article a few weeks ago when my print copy of Wired appeared in my mailbox; the article didn't go onto Wired's web site until Sept. 5. Good way for Wired to keep some mystery & $$ but also make the article available for free -- after some time passed.

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jmnlman said...

I'm not sure why owners don't just switch to comment moderation. Sure it would slow down the discussion particularly if you're not at your computer a lot but it's better the stupid letters.