October 01, 2006


Been remiss in posting lately, mostly because of teaching, work, and ... the article I'm writing for Library Journal on teaching part-time & working full-time. Yipes.

Anyway, here are some podcasts I plan to listen to this week:

  • Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Dennett, and David Pogue on TedTalks -- you can download mp3s of their ~20-minute talks, or watch them on video. They say: "The TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference is an annual event where leading thinkers and doers gather for inspiration."

  • ScienceFriday talks about closing the EPA Library: "the US Environmental Protection Agency plans to close the library at its Washington headquarters on October 1, with materials currently available to staff and the public being boxed up for possible later digitization. Leaked budget documents say that similar 'deaccessioning procedures'may be on tap for regional libraries in Chicago, Dallas and Kansas City."

  • Judy Woodruff talking about advertisers & facebook on the NewsHour. Maybe some useful ideas for librarians-as-marketers?

Just finished listening to Simon Winchester read his book Krakatoa [the day the world exploded, August 27, 1883]. Not quite cognitive science, but very intersesting, well-told, and well-read science nonetheless. If you have 10 hours to listen to something, and you have even a moderate interest in volcanoes / tsunamis, this is worth a listen.

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