February 16, 2007

Meet the Databases!

Leslie Porter, one of my former students, has created some innovative podcasts at Fairfield University. She started with a series called Meet the Databases, in which she interviews databases like Google Scholar (a surfer dude) and JStor (a soft-spoken gardener). You can see their avatars and hear the podcasts through Fairfield's iTunes U account in iTunes at www.fairfield.edu/itunesu (click on DiMenna-Nyselius Library & then on "Meet the Databases").

She's doing this as a Web Companion for English 12 at Fairfield, and she has also interviewed various faculty to get their perspectives on what makes a good thesis statement. She talks to folks from the English department, of course, and also folks from history, biology, and more. You can listen to these in either RealAudio or iTunes.

Pretty interesting stuff!

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