March 09, 2006

Best of Gary Price's Nelinet Presentation

Cool sites I found at Gary Price’s presentation at Nelinet today:

Google Video I know I’m the last to see this, but: way cool! Partly a competitor to iTunes video store, partly just cool stuff; you can download TV shows from here at $1.99 (I Love Lucy, Star Trek DS9, Amazing Race, etc.), and even some sporting events! Plus some free stuff, mostly from the US Government, like NARA, and videos that anyone has uploaded.

blinkx searches video not only on metadata but also the transcripts from shows.

podscope Search podcasts for specific terms & go directly to where they were spoken.

TitanicArchive. From the Resource Shelf: “More than 15,000 fully digitized and searchable newspaper pages. Pages are delivered as PDF files. Pages can be saved and/or printed.”

A9 Maps is mostly a traditional map site, from the Amazon Search-inside-the-book A9 people. What’s cool is that you can see live photos from various cities, like New York, including images of both sides of the block.

Have I mentioned Exalead? It’s very cool (and French), and Gary pointed it out today. Their Advanced Search includes many great options, like proximity & truncation. The results display some interesting features as well.

Take a look at the UK’s Resource Discovery Network which links to resources in many areas like engineering, social science, humanities, etc. Check out the Virtual Training Suite which offers links to online tutorials in various topics. A good companion to the Librarians’ Internet Index & Infomine.

Clustermed searches PubMed and clusters the results on the left. Default is to cluster by title, abstract, MeSH, or just by title, abstract, or just by MeSH. Not that you’d use this instead of PubMed, but it’s an interesting use of dynamic clustering.

Looking for a job? Try Enter a term (like “librarian”, for instance) and a zip code & see job ads for a 5-mile radius. You can get email notifications of new results and/or save the search as an RSS feed.

But wait, there's more:
A new health search engine Kosmix which clusters results.

Webharvest is a “harvest (i.e., capture) of Federal Agency public web sites as they existed prior to January 20, 2005. This harvest was intended to document Federal agencies' presence on the World Wide Web at the time that the Presidential Administration term ended in early 2005.”

SMEALSearch is an online archive of scholarly articles in business; it was down in the presentation today, but it’s got some real potential. You can see their search Zeitgeist.

Kevin Kelly’s PublicRadioFan lists multiple public radio shows that stream online — now, later, and next week. This site is a long-time CogSci Librarian favorite; nice to see his site at Nelinet!

Phew! I’m exhausted. That’s why I blogged during the session, so I could come back & explore the most interesting (to me) tidbits from the day.

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