March 15, 2006

New Features in EBSCO

Hopefully you have access to EBSCO, as they're doing some cool new stuff. If not, head over to the nearest library that does!

** Clustering **
Clustering displays the most common subjects, authors, and journals available for a specific query, eliminating the need to browse the result list or check individual records for this information. You can "drive down" through the results by selecting "clustered" headings, obtaining results for the selected cluster.

~How are the Subject Areas (Clustered Results) generated?

** Visual Search **
Visual Search represents an exciting and unique search method, in addition to the Basic and Advanced Search screens, featuring richly colorful, graphical presentations of citations sorted by topics. Visual Search offers a glimpse at what is beyond the first page of traditional search results. visual map sample. Users will be able to find the best articles with patterns of color, shapes and sizes that are easy to understand.

Click on the "Visual Search" tab to get started.

~ For additional information:

** Other Features **
It's now much easier to switch between EBSCO databases; there is a drop down below the search boxes from which you can select another EBSCO database.

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