March 09, 2006

Who is the inventor of the livestock ramps ...

Some CogSci Librarian readers may remember Temple Grandin as the answer to this reference question:

"Who is the inventor of the livestock ramps currently used at many cattle slaughter plants, and where can I find biographical information about her? These ramps are supposed to calm the cattle before they meet their end. What was unusual about her childhood that led to her career? I think she has written both about her childhood and her work."

Well, if you want to find out still more about her, listen to Ira Flatow’s interview with Dr. Grandin on the January 20, 2006 edition of Science Friday. She talks a bit about her childhood, those livestock ramps, and her new book Animals in Translation.

If you had me or tp for reference, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

ps, if you're taking reference, pretend you don't know her name and find her in biography resources!

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