March 04, 2006

She's back ... kind of

Hmm. Not sure what the status of this blog is, besides ... “quiet”. The new job is keeping me hopping, as is the part-time job on weekends. Less time to blog, and, sadly, less exposure to cool stuff in Cognitive Science.
I must admit that’s what I miss most about the new job, although in all other respects, it’s terrific. But it’s no CogSci. :-(

That said, I am just starting to work with UConn’s Department of Communication Science. This department includes media coverage, CMC (computer-mediated communication), as well as communication disorders. Maybe some of that will pop up in this blog?

In the meantime, I’ll post less and it will be more LIS-related, tho’ hopefully still interesting to some aspects of CogSci.

1 comment:

Emily Alling said...

So excited to see new CogSciLibrarian posts in my Bloglines account! Welcome back. I look forward to reading more in 2006....