March 04, 2006

Open J-Gate — Open Access Journal Database

From India comes Open J-Gate, a great open access journal database, in which all articles are freely accessible. It appears to cover many disciplines, and they say that content goes back to 2001 and indexes 3,000 journals.

What’s cool about this from an LIS perspective is the indexing. One might almost say “cataloging” — articles are given subject headings, which are searchable.

On the downside, there isn’t much in the way of metadata (no abstract; it just links to the full-text), and although the subjects look like they’re hyperlinked, they’re actually not. Worse, in the advanced search, Boolean searching isn’t possible; a search for “cats and diabetes” in the veterinary science section is not fruitful, because “[m]ore than one word will be treated as phrase“

Still, this one is definitely worth a look!


sathya, said...


All intended features in Open J-Gate are working perfectly fine now. Boolean logic is working well. Hyper-links are working from displayed record for author, subject keywords and journal. You can even conduct nested logic search, like -- rice or wheat) and (India or china)

We plan to upload abstacts soon wherever available.

You will notice that this is the only databse for open access journals that indexes articles from 3,000+ english language jouranls which include 1800+ peer-reviewed journals. Users can access over a million articles. 300,000+ articles are indexed every year. And updated every week.

Bangalore, India

CogSci Librarian said...

Now there are almost 4,000 scholarly journals!