January 31, 2011

ScienceOnline11: ScienceWeekly Podcast

I really enjoyed #scio11, also known as ScienceOnline 2011. Here is another of the neat things I learned:
Science weekly comes out Mondays, so listen to it today!

January 27, 2011

Takeaways from ScienceOnline 2011

I really enjoyed #scio11, also known as ScienceOnline 2011, held in North Carolina's RTP for its fifth year. ScienceOnline is an informal conference of scientists, students, educators, physicians, journalists, librarians, bloggers, programmers and others interested in the way the World Wide Web is changing the way science is communicated, taught and done.

I'm going blog some of the things I enjoyed about the conference over the next few weeks.
  • I went on a pre-conference tour of UNC-TV also in RTP. It was fascinating to see all the wires and boxes. The highlight was a full-size stuffed Cookie Monster, but also interesting were seeing Roy Underhill's set for the Woodwright's Shop and a 1954 TV camera.
  • Thanks to our tour guide Charlie Allen, also known as UNC-TV's chief engineer.
Overall, the conference reminded me how much I enjoy science. I never worked as a scientist, and now that I'm no longer a science librarian, I have strayed a bit -- but I do love science. My New Year's resolutions this year includes: incorporate more science into my life.